Frequently Asked Questions

I am shown errors when opening inventories, market prices do not always load. Is it because of the extension?

Could be, a few months ago Steam limited the number of requests you can make to certain endpoints. If you reach the limit you get limited in certain actions for a few hours, like loading inventories. Certain extension features make additional requests towards Steam. If you want to minimize your chance of getting limited I recommend tuning the extension option like this:

  • Turn off: Friends, Groups and Invites - Monitor friend requests
  • Turn off: Trade Offer - Load RealTime prices
  • Turn off: Inventory - Load RealTime prices
  • Turn off: Market - Load prices on my listings and orders
  • Set to 10: Market - Listings per page
  • Set to 10: Market - Market history events to show
  • Turn off: Market - Show "Buy and Sell Orders (cumulative)"
  • Turn off: Market - Recent activity on non-commmodity"

Additionally I recommend opening as few inventories as possible. Open the trade offer window and check the items that way if you can.

Is it free?

Yes, the extension is free to install and use with all its features included. Some future features that requires servers might be paid/premium.

How do I install it?

From your browser vendor's distribution platform

Installing from a distribution platform is the recommended way of installing the extension as it's the easiest way and guarantees that you will receive updates automatically. The extension is available in the Chrome Web Store at Microsoft Edge Addons and at AMOThese release versions are usually updated every 2-3 weeks.

To install it open the appropriate web store for your browser and install it. After it successfully installed you can open Steam in your browser and use it like you normally do except now with additional features! Note: If you have Steam open in a windows or tab before you install the extension you will have to reload that for the features to appear.

If you have a browser that is not Chrome or Firefox don't worry, not all is lost. If you have a Chromium based browser like Opera, Ungoogled Chromium, or Brave you should be able to install the Chrome version.

I have even heard about a guy getting it to work on Android with Yandex browser, but I haven't tried it myself and I can't guarantee that it won't be buggy if it works at all like that.

If you are on Safari, all is lost for you because I have no plan of porting it for your browser, Safari extensions work very differently, and the work can't be justified.

Manually in developer mode

Only recommended for those how like to tinker with the code or are forced to work around geoblocking, etc.

Pre-built release version

This is the same code that gets published to the platforms. You can grab the zip, unpack it and load it in your browser. Also useful in case an update gets stuck in the review hell and does not get published for a while and you want to try it.

To install the extension in development mode in a Chromium based browser (Chrome, Edge, Opera or Brave):

  • Grab the latest
  • Unpack it in a folder on your computer
  • Open the Extensions page ( chrome://extensions )
  • Enable developer mode with the toggle
  • Click "Load unpacked" and select the folder that you unpacked the contents of the .zip file
  • The extension should now appear in your extensions
For Firefox:
  • Grab the latest
  • Unpack it in a folder on your computer
  • Open the Extensions page ( about:addons )
  • Click the Gear icon then "Debug Add-ons"
  • The Temporary Extensions menu appears ( about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox )
  • Click "Load Temporary Add-ons..." and select the folder where you unpacked the contents of the .zip file
  • The extension should now appear in your extensions

From source

If you want the latest and greatest "nightly" version of the extension you will have to install it from source. Check the instructions about building the project.

How do I get support?

This FAQ page is meant to be your starting point when you need help with the extension. You should give a look to the Release Notes, new features are usually explained there. If you can’t find answer to your question here, then you should email

Can I trust it? Can it steal my items? Will it steal my items?

Answering this question is far from simple. Browser extensions, when they have access to a site can basically perform any action you as a user could. CSGO Trader has access to Steam only by default, optionally (if you go to the options and allow it) it can access CSGOTRADERS.NET and for auto-bumping. This means that theoretically the extension could add or remove your friends, send messages or comments on your behalf or even create market listings or send trade offers. For the latter two you would still have to confirm those on your phone though.

Sounds scary? It is scary. You probably have a few extensions already installed in your browser that could do all that. That might make you uninstall every one of them instead of installing this one, but I think this is something that everyone should know.

As I mentioned for the most dangerous actions (using the market, trading, buying games from the store) require either additional confirmation in the app or Steam Guard re-prompt. The other things the extension could do without confirmation are not really rewarding so there is no real incentive to go rouge. It has been around for over a year and is trusted by thousands of users. It’s also open source meaning that every piece of code that runs in your browser can be read by anyone, no guessing or speculating needed!

Why does it need Steam API key? Isn't that for scamming??

Even though I think I have this explained in the options pretty well, I get this question a lot. Let me start by explaining what the Steam API and your key for it is. The Steam API allows programs (like my extension) to interact with Steam on your behalf. There are some features in the extension that use it, for example when loading trade offers. If you are afraid, you can choose to not set your API key in the options but you will be missing out on some features. Although scammers started using it to cancel trade offers in recent times, no the Steam API is not for scamming. Do you really think that Steam designed a feature for scammers so they can steal your items?

How can I support it?

Leaving a positive review or rating in the Chrome Web Store or at Mozilla Addons helps others find it and motivates me to keep working on it.

Putting “” in your Steam nickname would help enormously and your profile is highlighted with golden colors for other extension users.

When you want to change your items or buy something consider trading them with me instead of using a trade bot site.

Also consider when you are buying CS:GO items for cash. Using the above link will support the development of the extension.

The project is open for contributions! If you know one of these: web-development, web-design, graphic design, UX, UI or translation, and want to contribute then reach out!

Spreading the word about it in any way is a great help!

What are the supported pricing providers?


What are the supported currencies?

United States dollar, Euro, Pound sterling, Renminbi, Japanese yen, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Icelandic króna, Philippine peso, Danish krone, Hungarian forint, Czech koruna, Romanian leu, Swedish krona, Indonesian rupiah, Indian rupee, Brazilian real, Russian ruble, Croatian kuna, Thai baht, Swiss franc, Malaysian ringgit, Bulgarian lev, Turkish lira, Norwegian krone, New Zealand dollar, South African rand, Mexican peso, Singapore dollar, Israeli new shekel, South Korean won, Polish złoty, Bitcoin, Ethereum, United Arab Emirates Dirham, Argentine Peso, Chilean Peso, Colombian Peso, Costa Rican Colón, Kuwaiti Dinar, Kazakhstani Tenge, Peruvian Nuevo Sol, Qatari Riyal, Saudi Riyal, New Taiwan Dollar, Ukrainian Hryvnia, Uruguayan Peso, Vietnamese Dong, Georgian Lari.

Who is the owner, developer?

Both the owner and developer is GeRy with some minor contributions from others.

What are the features that are planned or are already being developed?

You can follow the development by checking the open GitHub issues and the Kanban Board.

Why does it need the permissions it requires and what do they mean?

Default permissions: default permissions are granted when you install the extension.

  • storage: This permission allows the extension to store data on your computer. It’s used for example to store your preferences.
  • unlimitedStorage: The simple storage permission has pretty strict limitation on the amount of storage that can be used by an extension. The unlimited storage permission lifts these limits. The extension has to store the item pricing information, item float information, bookmarks, etc. It needs more storage than what the simple storage permission allows.
  • notifications: The name is pretty descriptive; it allows the extension to send browser notifications. It’s used to send notifications about bookmarked items for example.
  • alarms: The alarms permission allows the extension to set alarms in the future. The extension subscribes to the alarms and executes some action. For example, when you bookmark an item the extension sets an alarm to when the item becomes tradable and sends you a notification.

Optional permissions: They can be activated from the extension options.

  • tabs: Tabs is a pretty powerful permission and gives off some pretty scary warnings on installations so I made it optional. When turned on it allows the extension to open and close tabs, to read open tab urls, etc. The extension does not need it per say, but I recommend turning it on for better user experience. It is used to open extension pages, for example when bookmarking an item from an inventory.

Site permissions - the sites the extension is allowed to reach or run code on:

  • Steam:,
  • First party:,
  • Third party:,
  • Optional:,

Why have I not heard of it before? Why doesn’t it have more users? Why is it not on reddit?

If you have been trading for a while, then you probably heard of Steam Inventory Helper or SteamWizard but might not have heard about CSGO Trader. Why is that?

Well, I have started developing it much later than those two, so it hasn’t been around for as long as them. I have tried spreading the word about it on reddit, but my posts on /r/GlobalOffensiveTrade were removed because it’s not whitelisted. My whitelisting requests were denied without explanation as well.

Does the extension mine my data, spy one me? How and what kind of information is stored? How is my privacy preserved?

Read the Privacy page about this.

The in-browser inspection page does not load? I can't see the generated screenshot?

The screenshot generation is done by ( have no control over it, please let them know if it is not working as intended.

How do I make sure that I have the latest version installed?

To see what the latest version is check Changelogs . During each release a new version of the extension is submitted the distribution platforms. The platforms (Chrome Web Store, Mozzila Addons) review submissions before they are available for download. This means that the latest version might not have rolled out to your platform yet. Check the extension's page on your platform to see what version is available there. If that is not the version you are running (you can see what version you are on by opening the extension pop-up) then you can force your browser to check for update. See How to Manually Force Google Chrome to Update Extensions or How to update add-ons (Firefox). You can install it manually as well.