Changelogs are published when a new version of the extension is submitted the distribution platforms. The platforms (Chrome Web Store, Mozilla Addons, Edge Add-ons) review submissions before they are available for download. This means that the latest version might not have rolled out to your platform yet when you are reading this.

Version 2.9 - 2020-09-21

Check out the Release Notes for more info on the new features.
  • Added option/capability to auto-send items in trade offers based on query parameters #352
  • In-browser inspecting provider was changed from CS.DEAL to SWAP.GG #41
  • Added retry logic to offer auto-accepting and sending.
  • Added and CS.MONEY referral links to market listings pages
  • Fixed a bug where the selected item name/link stuck on the previously selected item in inventories
  • Navaja Black Pearls now correctly identified
  • Added more spam comment patterns to report.

Version 2.8 - 2020-08-13

  • Added new pricing providers: Buff, Exo, and csgoempire #347
  • Trade Offer Automation is out of BETA, added incoming offers summary #152
  • Added sound notifications and related options
  • Added options to get notifications about friend request, comments and new inventory items
  • Added option to show the buy and sell orders chart for non-commodity items
  • Added option to show the recent activity menu for non-commodity items
  • Added option to show the number of incoming trade offers on the extension badge
  • Added default market listing sorting mode #345
  • Added links to container (cases and capsules) contents linking to community market searches
  • Added a "Look up similar stickers" link to Sticker market pages linking to community market searches
  • Added "Go to" a specific community market search page
  • Added a refresh button to the Trade Offer History page
  • Fixed a bug where offers were not always successfully accepted per the automation rules
  • Fixed a bug where mass listing price would change to lowest listing price even if user price was selected
  • Added Twitch giveaway spam patterns to report

Version 2.7 - 2020-07-30

Check out the Release Notes for more info on the new features.
  • Added Trade Offer Automation (BETA) feature #152
  • Added show all orders buttons to market listings #336
  • Added option to mark already seen market listings #335
  • Added option to mark moderation messages as read automatically #337
  • Added option to set custom default values to the popup calculator #340
  • Agent patches are handled correctly (value, market link) #339
  • Awaiting confirmations now don't break the market main page features #342
  • Rearranged options and created Safety options category.
  • Fixed wallet currency appearing in trade offer totals instead of extension currency #338
  • Fixed "place highest order" button only working for CSGO items #341
  • Fixed an issue where granting access to CSGOTRADER.NET or the extension would also ask for tabs api access

Version 2.6.3 - 2020-07-15

  • Fixed a bug where users with no billing address form could not use the new instant buy and quick set buy order features. #329
  • Fixed turning off instant buy buttons not actually having any effect. #333
  • Fixed the new buy order menu overlapping with the recent activity menu on commodity items #332
  • NSFW mode now removes animated backgrounds too #334
  • Fixed some items not getting added to the mass listings table when selected #330
  • Added option to stop selected items table from appearing in other people's inventory. #331

Version 2.6.2 - 2020-07-04

  • Fixed a bug that caused float bars and other listings features not to appear when the user had a custom number of listings to show.

Version 2.6.1 - 2020-07-03

  • Fixed a bug that made market listings disappear.

Version 2.6 - 2020-07-02

There was a problem identified with this update that made market listings disappear. A fix of was issued, if the update applying the fix is not there for you yet you can work around it by going to the options and under market you change the default sorting mode to something other than the default and change it back. This completely fixes the issue.
Check out the Release Notes for more info on the new features.
  • Added option to customize the number of community market history items to show per page #249
  • Added market links and starting at prices to market history events #249
  • Added outbid and outbid by 1% buttons to existing buy orders #249
  • Added instant buy button to market listings to buy items without confirmation. #249
  • Added place highest order and quick place buy order button to market listings #249
  • Added instant and quicksell buttons to inventory items #249
  • Quantity is now taken into consideration when calculating total buy orders value, also showing the amount of "free space" for orders #249
  • Added Skinbaron partner links to Real money sites #325
  • Removed empty float bars from Agent listings #249
  • Added options to show only the float value or always expand the float technical menu on market listings #249
  • Added option to set a default market listing ordering mode #249
  • Added paint index and paint seed sorting modes #249
  • Added tradability and bookmark/notify support to Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 items #249
  • The selected items are also placed in a table in other users' inventories #249
  • Performance improvements
  • Added new team recruitment and giveaway spam patterns to report

Version 2.5 - 2020-06-10

Check out the Release Notes for more info on the new features.
  • Added new Trade History and Trade History Export features. #104
  • Added option to bypass Steam's link filtering. #265
  • Added explanation and warning to the Steam Web API page #276
  • Auto Float loading is now disabled in market and inventories pages when the CSGOFloat extension is present to avoid unnecessary requests.
  • Skincay was renamed to Skinport across the extension. #278
  • Improved pricing algorithm to avoid underpricing items when a really low sale happens.
  • Fixed exchange rates not updating when the user changes extension currency from their inventory. #266
  • Fixed Realtime prices showing up in the wrong currency #279
  • Fixed items on own side of the trade not getting sorted if when the user switched to the other inventory during loading.
  • Added new team recruitment scam messages to the patterns to report automatically.

Version 2.4.1 - 2020-06-02 (Firefox only)

  • Fixed mass selling not working and keep retrying to list items
  • Fixed not being able to cancel market listings and buy orders en-masse.

Version 2.4 - 2020-05-28

Check out the Release Notes for more info on the new features.
  • RealTime price loading was added to offers/inventories. #119
  • Added support for mass listing to other games and Steam items as well. #249
  • Skinbay was renamed everywhere in the extension to Skincay to reflect the company/domain name change
  • Fixed a bug that removed tags from non-csgo items as well in inventories.
  • Fixed quicksell price not getting selected automatically when it is higher than the extension price during mass listing
  • Fixed unselected items not getting removed from he mass listing table
  • Fixed a bug that broke the item actions menu for some rare games

Version 2.3 - 2020-05-15

Check out the Release Notes for more info on the new features.
  • Added as a pricing provider
  • Added links to to market listing pages (can be turned off)
  • Fixed an issue where after currency change the exchange rates did not update in the background immediately
  • For new users (new installations) the extension currency will be set to match their Steam Wallet currency. #161
  • Added a disclaimer to the discussion auto-bumping feature
  • Made numerous improvements to the Steam Market Mass Listing feature #201
  • Added new scam/spam comment patterns to report (mostly "join our team" like ones)
  • Made numerous improvements to the the incoming trade offers page and to trade offers #215
  • Improvements to the friend request evaluation feature, including new conditions, request summary, other niceties #195
  • Even users with capitalized "CSGOTRADER.APP" in their name will be highlighted in gold colors

Version 2.2 - 2020-04-19

It was brought to my attention that bumping discussions is against Steam's Rules and Guidelines For Steam: Discussions, Reviews, and User Generated Content so use it at your own risk!
Check out the Release Notes for more info on the new features.
  • Discussion posts (group, trading, forum) can now be set to be automatically bumped by the extension. #187
  • Added an option to remove the header in Steam Web Chat
  • Tweaked the appearance the the warning message that gets added to scammers' profiles
  • Security improvements that fix issues flagged by Mozilla
  • Added usage data collection consent prompt for new Firefox users
  • Fixed a bug that broke float value loading on market listings when a non-default number of listings were set to load per page

Version 2.1.2 - 2020-04-14

  • Fixed the same issue as 2.1.1 but for all users (including users updating from 2.1 and 2.1.1

Version 2.1.1 - 2020-04-14

  • Fixed a bug that made most of the features break when the user has not loaded the incoming offers page after installing or updating.

Version 2.1 - 2020-04-13

There was a bug identified in this update that causes features to break. If you are facing issues and are still on this version you can work around it: Make sure you have your Steam API key set in the options the go to your inventory, click "Trade offers". This opens the incoming trade offers page and the extension updates the active offer information, fixing the problem.
Check out the Release Notes for more info on the new features.
  • Items that are present in multiple offers are highlighted and on click reveal in which ones. #78
  • Added feature to make the extension act on incoming friend requests by user set rules. #134
  • autobumping now navigates away from error page.
  • Fixed a bug that made opening a link to a sent offer not showing the correct offer on the page after sorting.
  • Added more spam comment patterns.
  • A ribbon is added to Steam pages after the a new version of the extension was installed. It can be dismissed until the next update.
  • Added an option to auto-ignore Steam group invites.
  • Changed how partner trade offer history information is shown on profiles to be consistent with offers and inventories.
  • Fixed a small bug that made "Favorite" buttons on artworks have a visible border.
  • Fixed a select element styling and calculator layout in Firefox. #132
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes showed a buy order as not the highest if the highest's price was lower. #174 (thanks to caluo for reporting it)
  • Fixed a bug that made items in an offer disappear when the user tried to remove them. #168 (thanks to ⸸ Dᴊᴇɴᴛ ⸸ for reporting it)

Version 2.0 - 2020-03-18

Check out the Release Notes for more info on the new features.
  • The extension popup, the options and the bookmarks pages received a new look #122
  • Fixed a bug that made the Market History Export not appear for users who did not have market listings and buy orders. #123 (thanks to hellgaet for reporting it)
  • Price loading now retried when failed for Market mass selling #128
  • Fixed a bug that made the same kind of item on both sides show the same float value on the incoming offers page. #129
  • Spam/scam comments are now reported silently (no page jerk) and an explanation is added to reported comments #125
  • Added an option to only include selected items when exporting list of inventory items. #118
  • Market listing sticker tooltips now always shown in their full length #127 (thanks to UwU danto OwO for reporting it)

Version 1.26.1 - 2020-02-10

  • Fixed some very rare items showing no price when pricing is set to CSGOTRADER
  • Fixed a bug that made bookmarked items not to show
  • Fixed a bug that created an infinite loop during float info fetching #120
  • Fixed functionalities breaking on the incoming trade offers page when the steam api returned incomplete data

Version 1.26 - 2020-02-03

Check out the Release Notes for more info on the new features.
  • Added sticker prices to inventories, offers and market listings. #116
  • Added listing canceled even type to Market History Export
  • The progress is properly reset after the Market History Export process finishes
  • Simplified data export/import options, now the only options are backup and restore. #114
  • Mass selling starting at and instant sell price fetching now uses a queue to delay requests
  • Removed the About page and added link the the FAQ page #115
  • Fixed a bug that made the original listing prices show up as zero or NaN after sorting

Version 1.25.1 - 2020-01-27

  • Made permission that was prompting during update optional.

Version 1.25 - 2020-01-27

Check out the Release Notes for more info on the new features.
  • Added price highlighting for sell listings and buy orders, remove/cancel all or selected, as well as totals, history type highlighting and market history export on the Community Market page. Thanks to Wiesenmeister and /u/timgotpaper for the ideas. #88
  • Added Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page
  • Removed unused activeTab permission
  • Updated the Privacy page with more detailed information
  • NSFW mode now removes "holiday cheer" as well
  • CSGOLounge bumping now works on as well

Version 1.24 - 2020-01-09

Check out the Release Notes for more info on the new features.
  • Profiles with in their name are highlighted with gold color
  • Added option (on by default) to move trade offer headers to the left on wide screens. #108
  • Fixed a bug where Gamma Doppler phases were not showing in offers if the user used a language where the knives' names are capitalized differently.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented PLN from being able to selected as a pricing currency
  • Fixed item list generation
  • Fixed a bug that made all bookmarks disappear if one of the bookmarked items was a vanilla item
  • Fixed offer totals showing switched on the sent offer page (thanks to ¡kFzo彡 for reporting it)
  • Fixed a bug that caused items in trade offers to disappear (visually) sometimes completely when they should have gone back to the inventory (thanks to ¡kFzo彡 for reporting it)
  • Misc performance and usability improvements

Version 1.23.1 - 2019-12-23

  • Changes to the pricing algorithm.
  • User experience improvements by making clickable elements more apparent and added explanatory titles
  • Steam API key is set automatically when the user installs the extension (if the user has one generated)
  • Added the highest buy order price as "instant sale price" pricing option for Mass Listing and made item names in the table a link to market. #106

Version 1.23 - 2019-12-17

Check out the Release Notes for more info on the new features.
  • Added feature to show received and sent offer history summary per user on the incoming trade offers page, in trade offers, profiles and inventories. #99
  • Fade percentages and Marble Fade patterns are shown on market listing pages #94
  • Added feature to automatically log you in on CSGOTRADERS.NET a separate one to complete all Open ID logins automatically (when logging in to a site with Steam) #93
  • Added Georgian Lari as currency #105
  • Mass Market Listing is out of BETA with some improvements, like selecting the starting at price if that is the highest and retry logic for loading prices
  • Float values are automatically loaded on the incoming offers page. #100

Version 1.22 - 2019-12-01

Check out the Release Notes for more info on the new features.
  • Added Mass Listing feature that is now in Beta. #69
  • Added support for all Steam currencies #101 The newly added currencies are:
    • United Arab Emirates Dirham
    • Argentine Peso"
    • Chilean Peso
    • Colombian Peso
    • Costa Rican Colón
    • Kuwaiti Dinar
    • Kazakhstani Tenge
    • Peruvian Nuevo Sol
    • Qatari Riyal
    • Saudi Riyal
    • New Taiwan Dollar
    • Ukrainian Hryvnia
    • Uruguayan Peso
    • Vietnamese Dong
  • Added a feature that allows you to select a specified number of copies of the select item. You can select an item by holding down the control key and right clicking on them. #98 (thanks to Jason Tam for reporting it)

Version 1.21.1 - 2019-11-21

  • Fixed a bug where undefined would appear instead of the actual currency sign when Australian Dollars was the selected currency
  • Fixed a bug where the extension would not function if the inventory contained an Agent skin (new item type)

Version 1.21 - 2019-11-17

  • Added CSGOTrader prices to some items that had no price before #86
  • Fixed Talon Black Pearl showing up as unknown phase.
  • Added ability to sort listings based on float values and price on market pages #90 (thanks to Skjerve for reporting it)
  • Fixed a bug that made the "number of listings to show on market pages" option not save user input
  • Added option to show the original currency and price of what an item was listed on as well as the amount the seller will receive #92
  • All duplicate items can be selected in inventories by holding down the control key when the selection is active
  • Added the same "starting at" and the number of items sold as well as link to the item's market page for items in not-own inventories
  • Added option to set the Steam API key automatically when opening the apikey page
  • Added option to remove the Steam API key in the options

Version 1.20.1 - 2019-11-12

  • Fixed Ursus Sapphire showing up as unknown phase.
  • Added the same functionality to the Sent Offers page that the last update added to the Incoming Offers page
  • Fixed a bug that made all the incoming offers disappear on the Incoming offers page if there wasn't at least one inactive offer. (thanks to Dᴊᴇɴᴛ for reporting it)

Version 1.20 - 2019-11-10

Check out the Release Notes for more info on the new features.
  • Made float caching more efficient
  • Added prices, exteriors, etc to items on the incoming offers page #77
  • Clicking user avatars on the incoming offers page makes profiles open on new tab
  • Added an "accept trade" button to trade offers on the incoming offers page
  • Fixed a bug that made float values round up #82 (thanks to Seba. for reporting it)
  • Hides csgofloat extension elements in inventories when the "Hide other extensions" feature is enabled #84
  • Adds float rank to technical float info #87
  • Added currency converter and percentage calculator to popup #38

Version 1.19.2 - 2019-10-21

  • Made automatic float loading optional for offers, inventories and market listings #72
  • Fixed market pages getting wider because of high float items #73
  • Fixed Csgolounge autobumb option not getting saved #75 (thanks to de_nugget for reporting it)
  • Fixed a bug that caused users not being able to buy items from the market if they had SIH installed too #71 (thanks to RonGokhale for reporting it)
  • Fixed a bug that made special patterns (marble fade, fade) to sometimes not to show #76
  • Float values on items with 0.00 float not shown
  • Float loading performance improvements
  • Usage data reporting made optional
  • Added Privacy page detailing how your data is handled

Version 1.19.1 - 2019-10-06

  • Fixes bug that broke csgolounge and csgotraders bumping
  • Inventory and trade offer searching performance improvements

Version 1.19 - 2019-10-06

  • Add option for users to add comments, comment patterns that they want automatically reported #54
  • Fixes a bug that added the username twice when replying to comments
  • Fixes a bug that made the bookmarks not show up if one of the bookmarked item was a vanilla
  • Added a short page about the Extension's Steam Group at:
  • Item float values in inventories, offers and on market get loaded automatically
  • Removes the now redundant "Get Float Info" buttons from offers and market pages
  • Market "float bars" are now wider, stickers are centered and sticker condition is shown on hover

Version 1.18 - 2019-09-16

  • Resizes trade offers in the trade offers page so when an offer is declined it does not jerk the page #18
  • Generate list of inventory items (copy to clipboard, download as .csv) - for posting in groups, trade sites, etc. #21
  • Fixed bug that did not allow the "colorful items" feature to apply in non-english Steam
  • Fixed bug where Doppler prices were not converted when a non-USD currency was selected
  • Extension preferences and bookmarks can now be imported and exported #53

Version 1.17.1 - 2019-09-01

  • Fixed a bug that broke sorting if one of the items did not have a price
  • Added "Inventory" and "Trade Offers" links to the extension popup and made popup links settable through options
  • Fixed Stiletto Sapphire showing us as "Unknown"
  • Fixed reoccuring message not getting removed if it includes steam style formatting tags #66 (thanks to Dᴊᴇɴᴛ for reporting it)
  • Added "take all from page", "take everything", "take x number of keys" functionality to trade offers
  • Added "remove everything", "remove x amount of keys" to the in-trade side of the trade offer window
  • Moved trade offer function bar slightly higher
  • Added sorting to the in-trade side of the inventory

Version 1.17 - 2019-08-20

  • Created site that showcases the features of the extension
  • Moved the changelog pages from the extension to
  • Created page that explains how the extension calculates prices
  • Added case keys, BTC, ETH and their denominations as currencies
  • Adjusted the pricing algorithm to try to get a more accurate price for rare items and specify different prices for different Doppler phases
  • Added feature to check the value of the items selected, the selection can be initiated by clicking the hand icon in inventories
  • Added sorting feature to trade offers and inventories, items can be sorted by:
    • Name (alphabetical)
    • Tradability
    • Price
    • Position (default)
    • And any of the mentioned reversed
  • The default sorting mode can be set in the options menu
  • All inventory items are loaded automatically to accommodate sorting and eliminate waiting when searching or filtering #47
  • Bug fix: Turning off pricing has no effect in offers #62 (thanks to Dᴊᴇɴᴛ for reporting it)
  • Bug fix: Duplicate item count visible and broken in non-CS:GO inventories #57
  • Receiving update notification is optional and off by default #58
  • Made csgolounge and csgotraders permissions optional #31
  • Pages where the extension adds features get reloaded when the extension updates #61
  • Added option to make the other party's inventory active by default #25
  • Applied compression to prices.json to save bandwidth and time

Version 1.16.1 - 2019-07-30

  • Fixed extension breaking if the pricing info was not successfully set for the first time
  • Fixed quick decline trader offers option not being settable through the options page
  • Fixed API key modal not hiding when successfully set

Version 1.16 - 2019-07-27

  • Added pricing function that is in BETA for now #8
    • Prices shown in inventories
    • Total inventory value shown in inventories
    • Prices shown in trade offers
    • Total tradable item's value shown in trade offers
    • Total of items in offer shown
    • Pricing provider can be chosen in Options, providers: CSGO Trader, CSGOBACKPACK, CS.MONEY, Bitskins, LOOT.FARM, CSGO.TM
    • Changeable currency

Version 1.15 - 2019-06-24

  • Added fade percentage info to fade knives and glock fade in inventories #49
  • Added marble fade pattern info to guts, flips, m9s and bayos in inventories #49

Version 1.14.2 - 2019-06-17

  • Added Danish translation, thanks to cjavad
  • Fixed ursus and talon rubies showing as unknowns
  • Achieved feature parity with inventories on trade offers, features such as colorful items, exterior indicators and doppler phases are now available in trade offers as well #24

Version 1.14.1 - 2019-05-25

  • Added the newest spam comments for flagging and extended the feature to include comments in groups, guides, screenshots, etc.
  • If the number of market listings you want to load is the default (10), the page does not scroll automatically
  • Comment replies feature now available under screenshots, guides and groups. It also puts the cursor to the right place to save time. #40
  • Inventory items got a cleaner look with the border being the same color as the background
  • Fixed a bug where fully worn stickers would show as not worn at all #52
  • Fixed bookmarks not gettings saved because of limits #51

Version 1.14 - 2019-05-19

  • Fixed market listings script breaking on commodity items' pages #48
  • You can copy someone's profile permanent link to clipboard from the profile dropdown menu #15
  • Added option to load customizable (in the options menu) number of market listings on market pages #46
  • Added duplicate count to items on inventory (visible when item is in focus) #23
  • Added a reply icon to comments on profiles and groups that puts the name of the commenter in the text box like: @GeRy |, makes replying to comments more swift #40

Version 1.13.1 - 2019-05-12

  • Moved issue tracking from TODO file to Github issues
  • Stickers are now visible on community market listings without user hovering
  • New logo, it's added to internal extension page navigation and pop-up too
  • Fixed item names in inventories always appearing in English. (thanks to B for reporting it) #5
  • Fixed "Don't Worry, I'm Pro" sticker breaking other stickers, if you encounter other stickers with commas in their name please let me know and I will apply the same fix #7
  • Fixed Talon Sapphire showing up as "Unknown" #4
  • "New operation" scam comments are getting auto-reported
  • Fixed clicking inspect opening an unnecessary new tab (thanks to Antiim8♛ for reporting it) #3
  • Fixed non-worn stickers condition showing up as "NAN%" #6
  • Added an indication that an item was bookmarked when the user did not allow tabs api access to the extension #2
  • Marking steamrep scammers' profile made optional #11

Version 1.13 - 2019-04-15

  • Fixed "inspect in browser" not pointing to the correct link on market pages when steam inventory helper was set to load more than 10 items (thanks to A.S.H for reporting it)
  • Fixed ruby knives and unknown dopplers' names not changing when selected in inventories (thanks to Dᴊᴇɴᴛ for reporting it)
  • Added the phases for the new doppler knives (thanks so much for Dᴊᴇɴᴛ for collecting them)
  • Added further localization support (market pages)
  • Added partial Hungarian translation
  • Added partial Bulgarian translation (thanks Flu0z for being the first translator to volunteer
  • Stickers in inventories:
    • Repositioned beside the weapon
    • Zoom on hover
    • Condition on hover
    • Click opens market page
  • Fixed bugs in inventory pages in non-english language browsers
  • Fixed "other exteriors" not working in non-english language browsers
  • Added float bar and detailed technical float info to market pages
  • Repositions nametags in inventories (above weapon)
  • Repositioned default nametag icon so it does not cover the tradability indicator (thanks to Oliver for reporting it)
  • Other minor bug fixes

Version 1.12 - 2019-04-07

  • Added basic support for internationalization - if you are willing to help me translate the extension to other languages please contact me
  • Active inventory item is now highlighted when colorful inventory is enabled
  • Added StatTrak and Souvenir indicators to items - placed before exterior
  • Fixed "other exteriors" links not working on some items
  • banned scammers are marked on their profile and in the trade window with by a different background and a warning ribbon on top
  • Users who uninstall the extension are now prompted to complete a survey on why they uninstalled - how it can be improved
  • Added auto-bumping
  • Added auto-bumping

Version 1.11.1 - 2019-04-03

  • Fixed a bug that caused doppler phases not to appear correctly on market listings
  • Made item coloring more robust
  • Fixed float indicator moving out of visible area on high float items (thanks to Antiim8♛ for reporting it)
  • Fixed unnecessary info appearing on non-csgo item (thanks to hypoCHRIDT♛ for reporting it)
  • Added more scam comment patterns for flagging

Version 1.11 - 2019-04-01

  • Added "Get Float Value" button to items in trade offers
  • When clicked item names open the items' market page in inventories
  • Added doppler phases to item names in inventories (instead of notes)
  • Fixed a bug that misplaced item exteriors on doppler knives
  • Items background and borders are now colored based on rarity or doppler phase
  • Performance improvements when changing inventory pages

Version 1.10.1 - 2019-03-18

  • Fixed a bug where some options were not editable

Version 1.10 - 2019-03-17

  • Fixed a bug where notes of doppler phases stayed behind on other items
  • Emoticon swastikas in profile comments are now flagged
  • Real chat status is shown on profiles - not just online, away, snooze, etc. (needs API key)
  • Float values are now visible in inventories (among other technical details)
  • Icons got a nice tooltip instead of the plain title
  • Use of chrome.tabs api made optional - it show a scary warning when the extension was installed. You can and should turn it on in the options for better user experience

Version 1.9 - 2019-03-10

  • You can now add your Steam API key in the option - needed for some future functions
  • Fixed bug where clicking on notifications would open multiple windows
  • The options page got a more refined look with:
    • Flip switches instead of checkboxes
    • Editable text fields now pop up for better editing
    • Icons
  • "Bookmark and notify" is out of preview with:
    • Improved design
    • Notification options
    • Links to: the owner's profile, the item's market page, the owner's trade link
    • Icons

Version 1.8.2 - 2019-03-02

  • Removed webRequest and webRequestBlocking permissions - should be rightfully less scary for new users
  • Fixed bug where loading private inventories would result in breakage
  • Added more scam comment patterns for flagging
  • "Bookmark and notify" improved styling, added link to item owner's profile

Version 1.8.1 - 2019-02-25

  • Some minor fixes discovered after 1.8.0 release

Version 1.8 - 2019-02-25

  • Added navigation to the internal sites
  • Added about page
  • Added "Bookmark and notify" page and function - in preview for now
  • Style changes
  • "Tradable after" dates are now more compact in inventories
  • Added more scam comment patterns for flagging

Version 1.7 - 2019-02-18

  • Added NSFW filter mode that blocks profile backgrounds, artwork and avatars - against anime boobs
  • Added "Reocc" button to your own profile
  • Fixed a bug where Market links of other exteriors would not work on Souvenir items
  • Added function that automatically flags scam comments on profiles
  • Applied a dark gray and orange style to the Options, Changelog an popup pages
  • Doppler phases are now visible on market pages

Version 1.6 - 2019-02-10

  • Added this changelog page
  • Users now receive notification when the extension updates
  • Added "+rep" button to profiles
  • Fixed a bug where users did not get their default options set when updating the extension