Release notes are meant to explain how to use new features and why certain design or policy decisions were made. They are published when a new version of the extension is submitted the distribution platforms. The platforms (Chrome Web Store, Mozzila Addons) review submissions before they are available for download. This means that the latest version might not have rolled out to your platform yet when you are reading this.

2.0 - UI Refresh, Project Restructure

The major version bump might be a bit misleading since there were no significant new features added this time. The Popup, Options and Bookmarks pages were rewritten in React and thw whole project was modernized (now using modules, webpack, linting, etc.). Hopefully all this work will allow us to implement new features more quickly in the future. Enough of the technical crap, let me show you some of the new things! The small calculator included in the extension popup should now be easier to use.

New extension popup calculator

The options page was tidied up and broken up into categories instead of a single long scrolling page:

New categorized options menu

Bookmarks became cards:

Bookmark cards

1.26 - Sticker Prices

This update focused on delivering applied sticker prices to inventory and offer items as well as market listings. Let me emphasize that these prices are not meant to be "the item is this much more expensive now", it's purely the total price of the stickers displayed. A few things to note on this screenshot: The total sticker prices per item shown under the exterior in small white print. The Sorting Method selected is "Sticker price (expensive to cheap) and the items are in that order. The mouse pointer is hovering over the "Winged Defuser" sticker, the tooltip shows the sticker's price.

Inventory Sticker Prices and Sorting by sticker prices

The same features are available in trade offers and on the incoming tradeoffers page as wel. If, for some reason you don't like this feature you can disable it by going to the options and flipping the switch on "Show sticker worth on items".

On the market pages, you can sort the listings by sticker price, you can see the total price of stickers on an item and see the individual stickers' prices when hovering over them:

Market Sticker Prices and Sorting by sticker prices

1.25 - New Community Market homepage features, price highlighting, market history export

This update brought to some nice new features to the Steam Community Market homepage. Market lowest listing prices or "starting at" prices are loaded for every market listing and are highlighted in green if your listing has the same price as the lowest or in red if they do not. Mind you, your listing having the same price as the lowest listing does not always mean that your listing is the first one in the list on the market! An additional column with checkboxes was added to the listings table. You can select the listings you want removed then click the header to remove them. The total price of the listings on the current page is also added to the bottom. You can see these illustrated here:

Community Market Listings Features

Similarly, totals, cancel all and cancel selected functionality was added to buy order section as well. The price loaded here is not the lowest listing though, but the highest buy order's price. The highlighting also works the other way around, if your buy order is the highest it is marked with green. Otherwise it's red.

Buy order features

You might have noticed a new tab appearing on the market main page besides your listings and history tabs. An "Export Market History" tab was added. I described its purpose there but I will paste it here too: "Exporting your market history can be great if you want to analyse it in a spreadsheet for example. A history event is either one of these four actions: a purchase, a sale, a listing creation or a listing cancellation. The result is a .csv file that you can open in Microsoft Excel or use programmatically. It is in utf-8 charset, if you see weird characters in your Excel you should try importing it as such.". The extension requests your market history in batches of 50 events and with a 5 second delay between each request. I am definitely not the average Joe with my over a hundred thousand events, gathering my whole market history would take close to 3 hours. This is what the feature looks like in action, not particularly exciting, but wait for the result!

Market History Export in-action

Here are a few rows of what the result looks like:

Market History Export result

1.24 - Highlighted profiles, trade offer Widescreen goodness

Along with many bug fixes and other improvements this update brought two small features.

Profiles with "" in their name are highlighted with golden coloring. Similarly to holiday profiles it makes profiles stand out. It's applied on profiles, comments, friend lists, group member lists. I though I would give a little incentive to anyone nice enough to want to spread the word about the extension. Illustration:

Golden highlighted profile

The other feature is being able to move trade offer headers to the left on Widescreens. It's on by default, it should activate for most people if they have offers open full screen. If you don't like this feature you can head over to the extension options and look for "Offer header to left" and turn it off. Illustration:

Trade offer header on the left

1.23 - Partner offer history summary

It might not be immediately obvious from the title of what this feature does, so let me explain and illustrate it first before going into the details. Knowing how many offers a user sent you or you sent them as well as when those last happened it a valuable information for people doing trades. This feature put's these snippets of ino to the Incoming Trade Offers, individual trade offer, inventory and profile pages.

On the Incoming Trade Offers page each offer is populated with this info under each party's item like:

Incoming Offers partner offer history summary

In every trade offer page it is visible as an info card:

Trade offers partner offer history summary

In inventories it's shown under the user's name and above the item inventories:

Inventories partner offer history summary

To check it on profiles you have to open the context menu and click 'Show Offer History':

Profile context menu hover partner offer history summary

The information will be displayed on their profile after this':

Profile partner offer history summary

The feature uses the Steam API to get the offer history information. For it to work you need to go to the option and set you API key or click here to have it set automatically by the extension (have the extension installed and be logged into Steam). As of the writing this information is updated wherever you open the Incoming Offers Page. Steam only stores the last 1000 incoming and last 500 sent offers, so the numbers you see are based on that. The extension stores this data however which means that those that were visible on the first run and any after that will be accounted for in the future. You can turn this feature off by going to the extension options and toggling 'Show partner history'. Any questions, concerns about the feature please email

1.22 - Market Mass Selling (BETA)

Market Mass Selling has been one of the most requested feature for the extension since its release. It's also what kept me from removing Steam Inventory Helper completely (I enabled it sometimes when I wanted to list many items). I am glad to announce that the feature is now in Beta. Switching currencies back and forth does not seem something that Steam takes lightly so I was not able to test the feature with currencies other than Euros. This is mostly the reason that it's still in Beta. While using please double check the prices when you are confirming them on your phone. If you find any bugs or strange behavior please describe it in a mail to

Click the hand icon in your inventory to start selecting items that you want to sell. Holding down the control key while selecting an item will also select all similar items. Once you have the items you want to sell in the list specify a price for it. You have four options:

  • Extension price - The price provided by the extension (from the pricing provider you have selected)
  • Starting at - The price of the current lowest listing on the market at the moment
  • Quick sell - The price that will make your item the cheapest listing on the market if you use it. Just a bit below Starting at
  • Your price - Specify your own price that you want the item(s) listed at

Click "Start Mass Listing" to initiate the selling process

Start the Mass Selling Process

Note: You might have your extension's price set to a different currency than your Steam Wallet currency. If that is the case you will receive this warning message. Clicking 'Click here to fix this' will change your extension price to the same as your Steam Wallet price and reload the page.

Mass Listing currency mismatch warning

You will be able to see the progress by the quantities decreasing, lines getting stricken through and items becoming greyed out.

Start the Mass Selling In Progress

1.20 - Incoming trade offers features

I have worked quite a bit on this and I think it ended up pretty nice and useful so I want as many people to use it as possible. Unfortunately to do so you have to add your Steam API key in the options first. I tried solving this without that but it's not really possible to do so while offering appropriate user experience. If you don't have your API key set then all you will notice is a note on top of the trade offers page advising to add your API key and linking to this page.

These are the features that you are missing if you don't have it set:

  • Incoming offers summary showing the number of profitable offers and potential profit
  • Option to sort by profit, loss, received time, etc.
  • Prices, total per side, profit or loss per trade shown
  • Exteriors, doppler phases, colors, etc.
  • Float values in case they were loaded for those items previously
Illustrated in the bellow screenshot:
Incoming offers features